------------------ Welcome to SEMS/SFE WebCenter!-------------------
After you have registered by phone (386 738-7827) activating your SEMS/SFE record, you may Sign-In to SEMS/SFE WebCenter.
User ID will be either your Social Security Number without any leading zeros or your 7-digit phone number.

SEMS/SFE Help Desk Ext. 20161 or 20187, Monday - Friday, 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM, voice mail all hours. Please call your school immediately if you are unable to enter your absence in SEMS/SFE and when the Help Desk is unavailable. If you leave a message on the Help Desk line, it may not be in time to get a substitute. As a teacher, it is your responsibility to have your absence in SEMS/SFE. As a substitute teacher, it is your responsibility to keep your profile up-to-date of your availability and to accept jobs keeping SEMS/SFE efficient. Thank you for teaching our students!